First Major Decision!

A sense of excitement rushes over me. I haven’t felt this way in a long time. I stare at my phone shaking my head in disbelief this kind of stuff never happens. A former employer called offering a weekend and evening scheduling position from home! The hours fit perfectly into my schedule. Involuntary, a smile creeps across my face. Maybe, yes, maybe this is possible. Next, I need to get approval for a second job from our Executive director. At the end of tomorrows shift, I’ll present it to him. Closing my eyes I whisper a small prayer, “Oh please God”.


Shuffling back and forth I waited for the answer. After Jim went over the particulars He gave the go ahead saying he wouldn’t stand in the way of me making a living. So on my days off, I trained. In training, I learn that this scheduling position could turn into a full-time position with the potential of earning $120 more a week than my primary job pays. Hope fills my soul. For the first time in years I begin to believe possibility lives!


Two months later I was called into the office to be made aware that my schedule will be changing. I stood there staring, tears brimmed my eyes. “So I have to leave my scheduling job?” I muttered as my stomach sank into a gigantic knot. I was thinking “are you kidding me, please God tell me he is kidding?” Jim wasn’t kidding. Filled with anger and anxiety, I left the office realizing I was on the verge of making my first big decision. Was I going to keep my primary job, virtually blocking me from moving out of D’s house or was I going to quit my first job, keeping the second and having to search for another full-time job? Driving home the sound of my heartbeat filled the car. Up till now these types of decisions were always made by D.


After 3 days of making calls, the only positions available pay $3 less an hour than I presently make. Sitting on my bed knees pulled up to my chin. “Why is this so hard? Does everything in life have to be hard; can’t one thing come easy?” stopping the mounting pity party I return to reality; time to choose! I begin to review the papers that scattered across the bedspread-a list of pros and cons.



  1. There is no higher position I can achieved in my present employment.
  2. The pay isn’t high enough to move out I require a second job.
  3. The new schedule will not allow a second job.
  4. Keeping the scheduling position means a drop in wages.
  5. By keeping the scheduling position I will have to immediately find a new full time job.



Ugh, I hate this!


Okay, call Barbara! When I have a problem and need an honest, straight-forward answer I call my sister. If I’m being reckless, Barbara will be the one who will tell me. I need logical and solid counsel; she’s the one who will give me a loving prayerful answer.


Holding my breath I handed Jim my two-week notice. After giving him the chance to read it, I explained my belief that it would ruin my reputation if I were to quit a job just after being trained. I pointed out that the other company had invested a good measure of money to train me. I thanked him for the opportunity to work for his company. Then I walked out-Scared. Am I doing the right thing? I don’t know. How is this going to work out? Oh it’ll work out, but how remains to be seen.


Side note: on my last day they announced they were closing the doors.




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teri again

I like a glass of wine or a shot of Irish whiskey once in a while. I love to dance. I do genealogy for fun and profit. I enjoy history. I collect elephants. I am a Christian. My children are my biggest priority. I love music it's a varied taste. I want to visit Alaska and Ireland. Living in Oregon is my goal. I love the books: The hobbit and The Lord of the rings.

28 thoughts on “First Major Decision!”

  1. Maybe, but not thus far. I am working two part-time jobs one pays the same as my last job and the other is $5 less an hour. I do still have the evening and weekend position but it only brings in a $150 every other week I’ve had to use some of the “moving to my own house money” to pay the bills. I have a lead to a new opening So hopefully, that will be the answer. 🙂

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  2. It is always a challenge in life, you pay a bill off and another need comes along and adds a new bill. You pay your car off, same thing. I want to leave my job since it wears and tears my body, but the pay fits my bills. I think the doors closing was a key note to inform us you are on the right path, Teri.

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  3. Sometimes God’s “promotions” don’t feel like it at the time. There is something better waiting for you and had you not made this decision you would have been blind sided by the place closing it’s doors AND lost the part time job. Hang in there it will get better. You will end stronger than you began.

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