Can’t we raise the standard?

A man puts a gun to his wife’s head. His sister tells the wife it’s both your fault.

A man in power has sex with a young secretary the wife defends the husband. The girl is shamed. She loses her job.

A mother tells a wife if he doesn’t like squash don’t cook it then he won’t get angry.

I don’t know how many times I’ve heard women justify, defend the abuse that their son, husband, brother, or father inflicts on another woman. To me personally, this is as abusive as the man’s behavior.

The adage of “Stand by your man” is disgusting whether it’s their son, husband, father, or brother. If you are a woman and you condone the behavior of a man that either physically or mentally abuses a woman – you’re being abusive! You’re an enabler and part of the problem. If a woman tells me it’s my fault somebody strangled me, hit me, threw me around that’s offensive.

Society would be outraged if a man made any of the above statements. We need to hold women to the same standard we hold men. I agree wholeheartedly we need to hold men accountable for their actions, still, if we don’t as women meet this standard ourselves then the world will never change.


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I like a glass of wine or a shot of Irish whiskey once in a while. I love to dance. I do genealogy for fun and profit. I enjoy history. I collect elephants. I am a Christian. My children are my biggest priority. I love music it's a varied taste. I want to visit Alaska and Ireland. Living in Oregon is my goal. I love the books: The hobbit and The Lord of the rings.

10 thoughts on “Can’t we raise the standard?”

  1. Yep… It’s the lesser of two evils this year. But if I had any doubts before the debate tonight, Trump put an end to that when he said he’d throw Clinton in jail. This is not a third-world country with a dictator. In our country disagreeing is not against any laws. I think that’s a pretty good indication of how Trump would expect his power to work in Washington. The sad thing is our citizens in this country are so ill educated to even know how the government works. I sometimes think you should have to pass a test before you can vote!

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    1. What a sad state for our country. Instead of voting in hopes of a bright future, we are voting for the person we believe will do the least amount of damage. I believe that is Trump. Another deciding factor for me was the running mates. With the current state of our country, I am afraid the running mate may be more important in this election than the President.

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